Unleash the Unstoppable Power of You!

Attention: Extraordinary Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Not Experiencing the Success They Want

Are You Ready to Unleash the Unstoppable Power You Have Within You?

Are you ready to:

  • Break through the fears, blocks and resistance that is holding you back from building your creative, authentic and profitable business.
  • Develop solid, backed-by-facts, confidence that propels you toward your goals in life and business.
  • Learn solid techniques and skills that will help you make powerful financial decisions and navigate your business ups and downs with grace and ease.

Then I’ve got good news!

Announcing the Unleash the Unstoppable Power of You! 12-week Pilot Breakthrough Program


This program combines the power of a group mastermind with the tailored, laser-focus of one-on-one guidance to help you get the New Year started right:

arrow Re-awaken a more robust sense of worth — well beyond what’s printed on paper — that is already inside you now.

arrow Break through resistance, blocks and blind spots that are holding you back from the success you know you deserve.

arrow Build an unlimited reservoir of confidence, courage and self-esteem that will keep you standing in your power all through the ups and downs of your life and business.

“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.”
~ Chuck Close

If you are ready to stop futzing around and really get down to business
building a creative, authentic and profitable business and life that you love,
now is the time to act!
Payment Plan
4 equal payments of $375, made every 30 days (Total $1,500)


One payment of $1,200


Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up for this 3-month program:

Soul Dancer and Carma Spence 1. Twelve (12) Weekly Group Sessions
with Carma Spence and Soul Dancer

During these sessions we’ll go through Soul’s book Pay Me What I’m Worth and explore the topics of career, ethics, gratitude, health, integrity, love, personal development, personal relationships, power, professional development, professional relationships, property, reputation, respect, self esteem, self-respect, spiritual development, time and wisdom — and how they relate to your being paid what you’re worth. To get a glimpse of the power of this group, check out my series covering each chapter of the book.

This is the Master Class I usually offer on its own. This group includes a printed AND electronic copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth, and access to Soul’s online classrooms.

Group sessions will be held every Wednesday evening at 6pm beginning on January 7th.

Value = Currently $648.00

2. Three Months of Private, One-On-One Coaching Sessions with Carma Spence
Depending on your schedule and specific needs, we’ll either meet twice a month for 25 minutes or once a month for 45 minutes. During these sessions we’ll work on what you need the most, be it your inner game (mental blocks and resistance) or your outer game (target market, marketing message, etc.) As needed, I’ll provide you with a variety of handouts that support what we are working on during these sessions.

We’ll schedule your sessions at a mutually convenient time.

Value = Currently $950.00 (for the coaching alone)

CARMA Spence: The Own Your Awesome in Business & Life Coach
Saba McKinley "As an entrepreneur who is expanding my business, I discovered that my thoughts involving money creation were suffering from mental blocks. My ability to increase revenue in my company was hindered due to these thoughts; so, when Carma said that she could help me with that, I jumped at the opportunity.

"As I saw my financial clutter begin to clear up, I found myself excited to get on that coaching call with her each week. She helped to get me set up with Quicken so that I could at least begin tracking my spending. I had a rude awakening as I discovered that my life-long habit of not balancing my accounts lead to stagnation in my money flow.

"Carma is a natural at guiding one through the mental garbage that blocks money flow. I would recommend that anyone who wishes to open up their money portal, will do wonders for themselves by working with Carma.

"Thank you, Carma."

3. Short, daily inspirational emails to focus you on what you are accomplishing
You’ll receive a 3-month journal and daily email reminders with inspirational messages, quotes and “homework” suggestions. In just 10 minutes or less a day, you’ll be able to focus your intent, release mental and emotional gunk, and monitor your progress.

Value = $45

CARMA Spence: The Own Your Awesome in Business & Life Coach
Rhonda Hull “I was motivated, I just wasn’t clear. Thanks to Carma I have been able to break the big picture into manageable steps so I feel less overwhelmed. She also provides a place to land when I need help… resources referrals and a nudge for the next step forward. Her help was a welcomed port in the storm of marketing and promotion conundrums. Drop the excuses and let her help now!”

4. Private Facebook Group
One of the great things about this group is that you will have the camaraderie and support of everyone in the group. You’ll be sharing, celebrating and supporting each other in moving forward and increasing your connection to your unstoppable power. You’ll make a new friends that you’ll truly love and who understand first-hand the journey you are on. I will also be monitoring the group and will chime in with my insights, as well.

Value = Priceless!

CARMA Spence: The Own Your Awesome in Business & Life Coach
Ellie Jacques Capon “I found working with Carma to be like a laser beam of clarity. When I came into the session, I felt like I knew what I wanted and within a few minutes, Carma had identified what my real needs were and then expanded my perspective and field of possibilities. I recommend Carma to anyone who is ready to move forward with their business and I mean ready NOW because this is empowering stuff!”

5. Unlimited email follow up for three months
During the program, January through March 2014, you can email me about anything at any time and will will respond within 24 hours.

Value = Priceless!

CARMA Spence: The Own Your Awesome in Business & Life Coach
George Jackson Carma knows her stuff when it comes to life coaching. She can be trusted to give you the guidance and support you need.

As you can see, you’re receiving much more value that the “ticket” price you’ll be investing. In addition, there will be surprise bonuses along the way! The reason I’m offering this program at such a low investment is because this is a pilot — it is the first time I’m combining all these resources and I want to collect testimonials for when I roll out this program big time!

Payment Plan
4 equal payments of $375, made every 30 days (Total $1,500)


One payment of $1,200


NOTE: Because the program includes my private, one-on-one time, I’m limiting the number of people who can participate to only 12.

Have Questions?

Schedule at “Curious Conversation with Carma” and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

CARMA Spence: The Own Your Awesome in Business & Life Coach
Rochelle Walden “… as a coach, there is no unfamiliar terrain for Carma … She does it all with the same level of grace and clarity. I would send any entrepreneur that needs to get re-inspired and laser-focused on their dream to Carma.”