Are you a passionate hobbiest? Is there something that you geek out on and are knowledgeable about? Would you like to make money from that thing you do?

No matter how offbeat, obscure or outside-the-box your hobby may be, you CAN make money — either on the side or as a full-time business — from your avocation. And in addition, enjoy your treasured pastime while doing so. Click this button for a FREE video about monetizing your hobby.

Do It Yourself to Done with You

A Guide for Your Infopreneur's Journey

No matter where you are in your Infopreneur's Journey -- from just figuring out what kind of information you can sell to marketing your products and creating a transition plan from employee to entrepreneur -- I can help.

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Do It Yourself to Done with You

Do It Yourself to Done with You

Here you'll find a variety of books, challenges, workshops, trainings, courses, programs and other products and services -- at a range of price points -- which I offer to help you on your Infopreneur's Journey.

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Articles to Guide Your Journey

Articles to Guide Your Journey

Want a taste of what it is like to work withe me? Read articles, listen to podcasts and watch videos, together providing a wealth of information to help you along your Infopreneur's Journey ... and giving you a taste of what I have to offer.

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Owning Your Awesome Even in Tough Times

Owning Your Awesome isn’t something you do only when times are good.
In fact, Owning Your Awesome is down right critical when times are tough.
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Owning Your Awesome even in tough times