2 Activities to Help You Hone Your Imagination

How do you hone your imagination? Many people think they need to “grow out of” it as they get older. The insinuation being that imagining is something for little children only and that as we acquire responsibilities, we need to come back to the “real world.”

However, imagination has a lot of crucial uses that go far beyond simply coming up with stories and games to play. Imagination is a crucial skill because it allows us to imagine “what if” scenarios and come up with new ideas. These ideas help us in our life (getting kids to eat their greens, finding something fun to do during lockdown), business (developing new ways to serve your clientele) and in more traditional careers (solve problems in a variety of ways).

So how do you cultivate that imagination and regain the childhood excitement you once felt for the “not yet possible”? Here are a couple of activities that can help bring your imagination back to life.

2 Activities to Help You Hone Your Imagination

Hone Your Imgagination with a Story

Storytelling isn’t just for the professional writer. It can also be a great way to hone your imagination!

They say that everyone has a book in them, but this isn’t really true. In reality, we all have hundreds of books in us. This isn’t to say that you need to write an entire novel, but a fun exercise can be to sit down and write a short story, which is a lot of fun and a great way to forget the rules and let your mind run away from you.

If you find it hard to start, find some writing prompts online. Here is one resource to get you started.

Imagine a Wonderful Future

If you’re still struggling with your story, try this: Sometimes, it can help to get a bit more narcissistic. Instead of imagining a random world with made-up people and events, instead, think about your own future and how things might go. Take the situation you’re in now, and then extrapolate. Where does it lead? Where will your family and friends be in their lives?

Even better, what if you won the lottery? What would you do with the money? Dream a little! Heck, I literally have a spreadsheet on my computer that outlines how I will spend my money when I win the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes and I re-visit that spreadsheet every once in a while to bask in the abundance. 🙂

Go broad and imagine how the world might change in the next 50 years. What will technology be like? Imagining future technology is not only fun but, sometimes, it can even lead to breakthrough ideas that you otherwise wouldn’t have had!

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