31-Day Celebrate You! Challenge

Want to feel great about yourself?

Join Me in This Year’s Celebrate You! Challenge!

Celebrate You! 2016 with Carma Spence

Catch yourself being awesome … for 31 days in row!

Announcing the Third Annual Celebrate You! Challenge
August 1, 2016 through August 31, 2016

31-Day Celebrate You Challenge 2016 - Transform Your LifeJoin me and a courageous group of celebrants in a 31-day journey to celebrating what is awesome about each and every one of us. This year we’ll be focusing on overcoming self-doubt and fear.

Participation is optional, but the more you put into this, the more you’ll get out. Each day, I’ll be posting:

  1. A journaling exercise first thing in the morning, and
  2. My celebrations from the day in the evening.

Additionally, I’ll be posting informative articles about overcoming self-doubt and fear throughout the month, to help you dive deeper and get more out of this challenge.

I invite you to at least do the daily exercises and, if you are brave and want to really pump up your experience, share them in the Facebook group.

How To Participate

1. Join our Facebook group at bit.ly/celebrateyougroup.

2. Each day Carma will post a thought or exercise for you to journal about. Ponder it, write down your thoughts and experiences and, if you are brave, share your thoughts in the group.

3. Really want to Celebrate You? Each day (or as often as you can), take a picture of:

  • Yourself expressing your unique awesome, or
  • Something representative of what you are celebrating

… and share it in the group. I also invite you to share that Selfie post on your timeline as well, using the hashtags #CelebrateYou and/or #CelebrateYou2016.

Explore posts from past and current celebrations here: bit.ly/31daycelebration

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Did you receive value from this experience?

Because I believe in what this exercise can achieve, I do this event each year at no cost. However, I also give you the opportunity to give me what you think the value you received was. Therefore, if you valued this experience as a whole, or any particular part of it, I invite you to send me money equal to either the value you received or the amount you are comfortable releasing to me at this time.

There always needs to be a balance of giving and receiving. I’m giving much of my time and self to create this event. I am open to receiving value in return.

To balance what you are receiving, simply click on the PayPal button below. It is for a minimum amount of $1. To give more, simply increase the quantity.

Want or Need More?

Create your own Celebrate You! Accountability Mastermind. Gather 4-7 of your friends and have everyone sign up for my Celebrate You! Accountability Mastermind pilot program.