5 Reasons Every Coach and Consultant Needs a Published Book

Are you struggling to bring in new clients? Are you not sure what to do next in your marketing plan? Do you want to be seen as an expert in your niche?

There’s one simple solution for all these business goals: A published book.

It’s true. This one thing—especially if it’s an actual printed book rather than a Kindle or eBook—has the power to grow your business beyond your expectations. You’ll experience a whole new world of opportunities simply by having your name on the cover of a published book.

5 Reasons Every Coach and Consultant Needs a Published Book

A Published Book Gives You Authority

Imagine you’re at a conference or local networking group and you meet two coaches or consultants who both specialize in business branding—something you know you need help with.

One coach says all the right things. She’s been in business for years and worked with some top-notch business owners. She has great ideas for how she can help you solidify your branding.

The other has a similar history and story, with one added bonus: She’s an author. She may have told you about her book. Her business card mentions her book. Or, perhaps, she just handed you a copy of her latest book. This book is professionally printed. It has some heft to it—not a “business card in a book.” And, the book radiates professionalism, expertise, and confidence.

Which coach do you think shows more authority in her field?

The one with the book, of course. There really is nothing better when it comes to establishing your authority in any niche than having a good book with your name on it.

A Published Books Showcases Expertise

Why does a published book—as opposed to an ebook—speak so highly of you and establish your authority so well? Because it gives you a platform to show off your expertise. It’s like being invited to present on any topic you choose on the world’s largest stage.

Not only that, but your readers are a captive audience. They’re listening—at that moment—only to you. That’s a powerful position to be in and one that gives you an opportunity to really show off your knowledge, expertise, and talent.

A Published Book Has Greater Market Reach

No matter how many readers Google sends to your blog, no matter how much traffic your YouTube channel receives, nothing will ever compare to the number of potential readers than can find you through Amazon and other online booksellers.

Positioned correctly, your book can reach millions of new readers, and thousands of potential clients. Combine that with the expertise and authority we know comes with being a published author, and that’s a recipe for success that can’t be beaten.

A Book Is Better Than a Business Card

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you’ve no doubt collected a stack of business cards. You get home and toss them in a drawer, and six months later you throw them out, without ever having contacted the people who gave them to you.

But if one of those people handed you a book instead? What if they gave you a bookmark advertising their latest book? What if they gave you a printed sample chapter from their book? What happened then?

If they gave you a book or printed sample chapter, you’ve likely read it (or at least leafed through it). You almost certainly didn’t throw it away. If they gave you a bookmark, you’ve most likely used it in whatever book you’ve been reading. I have bookmarks that authors gave me that are worn from how many books they’ve marked!

Regardless, you remember the book—and the person who wrote it.

Print Book Bring Press Opportunities

Turn on your television to any interview show, browse through Huffington Post, or listen to any of a number of popular podcasts, and you’ll quickly see that most of the guest speakers and interviewees have written a book. And that book is physical—available in paperback or hardcover.

The fact is, interview shows depend on interesting, insightful guests to keep their audiences listening, and there’s no better applicant than an author. Writing a book will open up many, many opportunities for appearances that you may never have without your name on the cover of a physical.

Is a Published Book Required for Success?

Do you have to write a book to be successful? No. But there’s no denying the fact that a published author will find she has a much easier time growing her business than the coach who keeps putting it off until later.

Would You Like Me to Help You with Your Book?

Would you like to write a book that supports and grows your business?
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I will personally guide you through the process of writing, publishing and marketing your book, as well as planning for related products and services. You will learn:

  • How to identify your audience so that your book speaks to them and inspires them to work with you.
  • How to plan your book in advance so that it practically writes itself and meets the goals you have for it.
  • How to market and sell your book effectively so that you are seen as an expert and grow your business.

And so much more! I will address all aspects of the book writing process, from writing skills to how to organize your thoughts to planning your book, business and marketing and beyond.

I have successfully published five books, all of them meeting the goals that I intended for them. I will show you how you can do that too!

Become a Founding Member of the Authorship Superhero’s Journey

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This program is not for everyone, however. You need to

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  • Attend weekly group meetings (held on weekends to accommodate those who have day jobs).
  • Commit to completing assignments in a timely manner.
  • Invest six months to a year on this project.
  • Provide feedback so that the program can give you better results.

You will also need to be able to invest in yourself and your project. Although this first group will receive a reduced fee for the program, it is still not inexpensive. In addition, the Founding Members’ group is open to the first 20 people who are accepted into the program. After those seats are filled, you can be put on a waiting list for next year’s group.

If you have heard your authorship call to adventure and are ready to start your quest to become a published author, I invite you to set up your application call today. You don’t need to do this alone. Let me guide you on your quest.

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