A Road Map to Guide Them

road mapHow does someone find what they are looking for on your website?

Yes, a search box can be helpful for larger sites … such as a blog … but the first option should always be your site navigation.

You navigational structure helps visitors to your site understand the over-arching organization and content of your website. Your most important pages and sections are highlighted in the top-level navigation.

Basically your navigation bar or list is the road map guiding your visitors through your site. So you really need to understand how you want your site to be structured before you develop the navigation. Also, you don’t want too many links to show up in your navigational bar.

Here are three tips for developing a helpful navigational structure that will ease visitors into your site and help them find their way to the information they are seeking.

  • Break up your navigation.
    Only include the most important sections and links in the prominent navigational area, usually found at the top. Put the still important but less prominent page links … such as “Contact,” “Media Room” and “Privacy Policy” on a bar that runs along the bottom of the page.
  • Duplicate your main navigation.
    Place similar navigation along the top and the side, so it accommodates the preferred location preferences of most visitors.
  • Chunk your content.
    Create “buckets” of content and place them as a group under one navigational link in the primary navigation list.

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