Attracting Ideal Clients with Home Page SEO

Attracting Ideal Clients with Home Page SEOThe fifth deadly mistake of home page design is poor use of copy and copy optimization techniques. You see, one of the ways you can attract ideal clients to your website is through search engine optimization. But if you aren’t maximizing the use of SEO opportunities on your website, your pages won’t rank high enough in the search engines to get noticed. Here are some tips to help you leverage the power of “on-page” SEO to attract your ideal clients.

Step 1: What key words are your ideal clients using to find products and services like yours?
You’ll need to do some keyword research … don’t just guess. Find out the actual words and phrases that are being used by your target market to find businesses like yours.

Step 2: Use those key words and phrases strategically throughout your website.
Your keywords should be used appropriately, strategically and with restraint (you don’t want to be dinged for key word stuffing), in several places:

  • Meta tags:
    These are tags used by search engines to understand what your page is about and how (or whether) to index it. One of the meta tags should include an appropriate list of key words.
  • H tags:
    These are the tags that specify your headers and sub-heads. H tagged phrase are given more weight that bolded text, which is given more weight than standard text, in search engine algorithms.
  • Image tags:
    One of the attributes of an image tag is “alt.” This is used by readers for the blind to describe the image. It is also used by search engines in image searches. Having your key word descriptions in the alt tags can increase the number of places your website shows up.
  • Your copy:
    Of course your website copy should also have an effective key word density of about 2% to 3%.

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