The Authorneer’s Journey, Part 7: Publish Your Book [The Author’s Switch Podcast]

Are you ready to publish your book? Your manuscript is done. Your cover is done. Your interior is done.

Then you’ll want to tune into this episode because what happens next is what I talk about in this episode of The Author’s Switch!

Publish Your Book - Part 7 in the Authorneer's Journey

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Show Notes for Episode 15: Publish Your Book: The Authorneer’s Journey, Part 7

There two main things to think about during the publishing phase:

  • Where are you going to publish it?
  • And when are you going to publish it?

After you’ve made those two decisions, the rest is all logistics, which I also cover in this episode.

Highlights from Episode 15: Publish Your Book

  • My recommendations of where you should upload your book — you might be surprised when I recommend more than one place simultaneously!
  • Tips on how to time your publishing — it all depends on your marketing strategy
  • What you need to be aware of while you prepare for launch

Mentioned in the Podcast

  • Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – Amazon’s self-publishing platform allows you to publish to Kindle, paperback and eventually hardcover (currently in Beta testing with select authors)
  • Smashwords – Ebook publisher and distributor allows you to publish your ebook across multiple platforms
  • Ingram/Spark – POD publisher to get your book into bookstores
  • Amazon Author Central – Manage your author pages on Amazon

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