Be Precise About Your Goals

When creating your action plan for the New Year, you need to be precise about your goals. You need to

  • Set starting and deadline dates
  • Be specific about quantities
  • Assign responsibilities to individuals

Be Precise About Your Goals

You need to do all this for a couple of reasons. One, being precise will help you measure and monitor your progress. And, two, being precise will energize your goals and kick both motivation and the law of attraction into high gear.

By having specific start and stop dates, you’ll have an early warning system in place that lets you know when you’re getting behind. This could be critical information that lets you head problems up at the pass.

It also gives you a reason to celebrate accomplishments along the way to your big goals.

For example, one of my big goals for the new year is to finish up the four books I’m working on and get them out to market. As I create my plan for the new year, I’m going to break those big tasks down into small tasks and then assign each task a specific date to start and stop. Here’s what that might look like:

  • Complete proof-reading of book 1 by Jan. 15, 2010.
  • Upload completed book 1 to by Jan. 18, 2010.
  • Complete book 1 launch website by March 12, 2010.

… you get the picture.

Now grab your notebook and start setting precise goals for next year!

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