The Best of 2018

I accomplished a lot in 2018 and a shared much that I think will help you become a content creation superhero, from within and without. Here is a round-up of what I think are the best posts of 2018.

Best of 2018


Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence, Episode 3 January 5: Using Interviews to Write Books
In Episode 3 of the Weekday Wisdom, I shared some tips on how to write a book using interviews. I drew from my experience of writing Public Speaking Super Powers.

Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence Episode 6 January 10: My Favorite Transcription Service
I discovered this online transcribing service late in 2017 and did a screen share video showing how it works in Episode 6 of the Weekday Wisdom. The service has improved since then and I still use it.

Weekday Wisdom Episode 9 January 15: Three Things You Can Do To Boost Courage and Self-Confidence
In Episode 9 of the Weekday Wisdom, I shared excerpts from my first Facebook Live, in which I shared three tips for boosting your self-confidence.

January 24-Februay5: Successful Entrepreneurs Series
I did a series of episodes of the Weekday Wisdom in which I shared traits of successful entrepreneurs.


Weekday Wisdom Episode 27 The Imposter Syndrome February 8: Vanquishing the Imposter Syndrome
I really enjoyed pulling this video together. I share what Imposter Syndrome is, its symptoms and some methods for dealing with it.

February 13: Do you suffer from Learned Helplessness?
Another mindset episode of the Weekday Wisdom. Just because you’ve failed in the past, does not mean you will necessarily fail in the future.

February 20: Expand Your Comfort Zone
In this episode of the Weekday Wisdom, I talk about the idea that your fear can keep you playing small.


March 7: Book Review: “The Tap” by Frank McKinney
I’ve often mentioned the importance of having a relationship with the divine. Frank McKinney’s book The Tap provides some solid advice for how to cultivate this relationship and be open for when the Divine “taps” you on the shoulder and calls you to service.

March 22: Do you need to understand book marketing?
I held an “Ask Me Anything” event on AMA and shared some of my answers in the Weekday Wisdom. This is a good one and you might be surprised (or not) by my answer.


April 3: E-Book Writing – Tips for Beginners
Another answer to an AMA question in which I share my thoughts on e-book strategies and provide a tip on how to make them a decent channel of income.

April 4-6: An interview with Carew Papritz about book marketing
Carew Papritz on the Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence I broke this interview into three easy to consume videos:

April 16-18: Ideas to Income Interview: Ethan Siegel
Ethan Siegel on the Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence - Ideas to Income Interview I started a series (which is taking longer to do than I’d hoped) in which I talk with people who are making money from what started off as a hobby. The first interview was a blast! I spoke with Ethan Siegel who is an astrophysicist and science fiction fan who is bringing his passions together and turning them into a source of income.

April 20: How To Properly Use Visual Aids
I had fun with this one. I created a song that helps you remember how to use visual aids properly.


May 21: Being Both Organized and Authentic on Live Video
I answered some client questions on the Weekday Wisdom because they were fairly universal. I thought this one was particularly good.


Book Review: Bare Naked Bravery by Emily Ann Peterson June 25: Book Review: “Bare Naked Bravery” by Emily Ann Peterson
I really enjoyed this book and decided to do a video book review for the first time.


July 3: Use Speaking to Promote Your Book
In this video, I shared a mini-workshop I did for one of my Toastmasters clubs.

July 31: It’s OK if things don’t go according to plan
So many things did not go according to plan in 2018. In this episode of the Weekday Wisdom, I share my thoughts about that.


Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence Episode 101 What Moves You August 6: What moves you?
In this episode of the Weekday Wisdom, I share a story about a duck that to this day still brings me to tears.


What is your confidence quotient? December 12: QUIZ: What Is Your Confidence Quotient?
While you don’t want to be so “confident” that you come off as arrogant, you do want to have sufficient confidence to succeed in life and reach the goals that you’ve set for yourself. This quiz will help you assess where you are on the confidence scale.

Notice how I’m missing a few months? Well, revisit my post from July 31!

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