9 Non-Obvious Ways To Be Creative

9 Non-Obvious Ways To Be Creative | Video

Creative expression is an innate human need. However, many people buy into the idea that they are not creative because they can’t dance, sing or paint beautiful pictures. That’s simply not true.

You are creative every time you solve a problem or do something you haven’t done before. In this video, I’ll share nine non-obvious ways you can be creative and activate your innate creativity.

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Overcoming The Fear of Writing: Confidence Building Strategies For Women That Work

Overcoming the Fear of Writing

Women are known for having the gift of imagination and creativity. That’s why it’s no surprise that many of them aspire to channel some of this creativity into writing, blogging or even book writing. However, aspiring to write and actually doing it are two different things. That’s why some may find themselves with an idea that’s trapped in their head, that they can’t quite seem to get actually written down on paper.

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