Editorial Calendar

NOTE: To make time to work on a restructuring of my business, blogging activities will be scaled down until further notice.

Types of Content You Can Expect

Own Your Awesome Fridays

The O.Y.A. Club On Sept. 22, 2014, the TidBitts platform launched and I was chosen to be one of the first content creators to provide curated, exclusive, ad-free and “bite-sized” content for only 99¢/month through this new service. Alas, the platform closed shop in March 2015.

But the content I was developing for them was so good, I didn’t want to stop. So, I’m continuing to make this content available for free … at least for a little while. I might develop a membership site for this content at some future point in time.

This content focuses on Owning Your Awesome in the eight facets of life: Business, Health, Fun & Recreation, Social Life & Romance, Spiritual Growth, Learning, Physical Environment, and Finances & Prosperity. It is exclusive and I will not be making it available anywhere else.


video icon Video content, for the most part, covers online marketing, public speaking and mindset topics. These videos can be recorded specifically for this blog, video excerpts from the podcast, or excerpts from presentations I’ve given at live events. Most videos are below 5 minutes.

Power Thoughts

thought icon These are quotes from, usually, famous people or pulled from film and television. For whatever reason, they inspired me and I share them … and my interpretation … in these posts.

Want to get the audio Power Thoughts on your Android phone? Download the Spreaker Podcast Radio app and add Power Thoughts to your Favorites list! You can find the app in the Google Play store.


podcast icon The C.A.P. Podcast posts twice a month on the first and third Thursday of the month. It is also available on iTunes. For more information about the podcast, how submit questions or how to book your guest spot on the show, visit the podcast page.

Book Reviews

book-icon I do my best to review one book a month. Some of these books I’ve received for free for the purpose of reviewing them, others I just felt like sharing. Here are books currently in the review queue:

I’m occasionally accept new titles for review in 2016/17. If you’d like to get your book reviewed on this blog, contact my assistant, Paul Robinson, at paulr@dragonwyze.com.

Special Series

series-icon Occasionally, I’ll be inspired to do a series of posts around a specific topic, such as the case of my Pay Me What I’m Worth series.

Guest Posts

guest-icon When I find a particularly relevant article by someone and it is available to post on this blog, I’ll do so here. If you have an idea for a guest post, feel free to pitch me.

Image quotes

quote icon These are quotes pulled from my books, writings or random pieces of brilliance I’ve caught myself saying. When I can, the image is something I’ve taken around town or during my travels.