Blogging 101: Traffic Tips

NOTE: This content was updated September 14, 2019.

Why are you blogging? Is it to increase traffic to your website? If so, you’ll want to continue reading because in this post, I share five tips to help make your blog post more engaging and traffic friendly.

Blogging 101

1. Consider your audience

What is your target audience? What kind of information are they searching for? To attract traffic, you need to be publishing content that solves problems your target audience has.

You need to determine what the problems are that they are searching for solutions online. What keywords are they using to find that content?

2. Chose Effective Imagery

It may sound counter-intuitive, but pictures make your blog posts easier to read. You want to include illustrations — photographs or drawings — that add value to your post, while visually attracting readers to it. You can find plenty of good quality, royalty free and free images to use at and

Also, when you optimize those images with keywords, they can attract traffic, as well.

3. Write useful posts

Although, in theory, you are free to write anything you want on your blog, if you want to be read, you need to post something that will benefit your readers. Readers won’t come back to read your blog again if they don’t gain a benefit from it. This benefit can be something productive like business advice or something entertaining like humor.

4. Keep Your Blogging Simple, Effective, Focused

Your blog needs to have a topical focus. For example, is focused on learning to be a better speaker. This blog is focused on the five steps within the Legacy Creation Hero’s Journey and the five keys to success (C.A.R.M.A. Code). Each blog post is focused even more tightly on a sub-topic within those larger topics.

Another tip: Avoid using highly technical words. Stick to simple facts and shorter, tightly focused blog posts. Write in a conversational style that is in alignment with your brand and speaks the same language as the audience you want to attract.

Bear in mind that most people who use the Internet usually do more scanning than actually reading word for word. Therefore, write and format your posts for easy scanning with headlines and bullet points. Although some say to keep your post to around 500 words, there is growing evidence that longer blog posts are more effective. However, from what I’ve seen, it is the increased quality that makes a difference, not the length.

5. Make your blogging interactive

As much as possible, make your blog interactive. You can do this by placing video or audio clips in your posts. Include an area for comments or for feedback and encourage it with a request to comment below. In this way, you can get reader impressions or reactions. You might even consider including polls and quizzes.

In Summary

Blogging has a purpose in the world of the business. Blogs are an excellent promotional tool and a simple way to get a website up on the Internet that is easy for those who are not that technically savvy. And, the continuously fresh content helps attract new readers.

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