Book Marketing Mentorship Program

Book Marketing Mentorship Program

It’s time to get your book out into the world.

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I’ve been writing and marketing books since 2011, and marketing in general for even longer. In my years of study and in-the-trenches experience, I’ve learned that if you write it, they won’t come–at least most of the time (there are those few lucky streaks). You need to get out there and make your book, your business, your message heard.

However, the world of book marketing is an ever-changing landscape. What worked in 2018, may not work in 2019. And even the tried and true strategies get a facelift each year as audience and technologies evolve.

That’s why I’ve created the Book Marketing Mentorship Program. Think of it as “a book marketing technique of the month club.” Each month you are a member, you will learn how to implement a different method for marketing yourself as an author and your book.

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Topics include:

→ Public Relations (Press Kits, Press Releases, etc.)
→ Author Websites and Blogging
→ Physical Assets (Banners, Business Cards, Postcards, etc.)
→ Social Media (Image Marketing, Building Communities, Engagement, Strategies for Specific Social Media Sites, etc.)
→ Live Book Events
→ Virtual Book Events
→ Live Book Launch Parties
→ Virtual Launch Parties
→ Amazon Author Page & More
→ Growing Your Email List
→ Video Marketing
→ Speaking

Each month you’ll receive:

✓ A monthly virtual workshop (Value = $97)
✓ Weekly office hours (Value = $298)
✓ A private Facebook Group
✓ A private membership portal
As well as
✓ planners,
✓ checklists,
✓ templates,
✓ and more as appropriate to the month’s topic.

Each month you’ll receive more than $395 in valuable information and support, but you won’t have to pay that month. You’ll gain all these benefits, tools and support for only $35 per month. Or, if you pay annually, only $32 per month. Click the “Join Now” button of your choice:


I look forward to you joining us for this informative and supportive program!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program help me create a marketing plan for my book?

Yes and no. “Creating a Book Marketing Plan” is not a topic that is covered specifically. However, one of the resources you’ll find in the private membership portal is a guide to creating one. And, as you learn a new strategy, technique or method each month, you can build upon your plan.

Will this program work for a book in my genre?

Book marketing, in general, is book marketing. All of the topics covered in this program will work for both fiction and nonfiction. In addition, I’ll mention when something works more for one or the other and will provide ways a technique can be tailored to specific genres.

Will this program work if my book is only in ebook format?

Most of the topics covered will work for both ebooks and physical books. However, some topics will only work for physical books. That said, if your book is good enough to sell as an ebook, why not make it available as a physical book for those members of your audience who won’t read ebooks?

Will this program work if my book is only in physical format?

All the topics covered in this program will work for both paperback and hardcover books.

Is this program for published authors only? Or will it help me if I’m still working on my book?

Although the content is geared toward helping published authors market their books, it is an excellent idea to start learning this information before you publish. Ideally, you’ll have created a marketing plan before writing word one. This empowers you to make sure your marketing and content of your book work for hand in glove and gives you time to grow an audience who will be primed to buy your book once it launches.

What if I find this program isn’t for me?

You can cancel your membership at any time, however, all payments are final. In other words, if you are on the monthly plan and cancel your membership, you’ll still have access until your paid month is up. If you are on the annual plan and cancel your membership, you’ll still have access until your year is up.

How long is this program?

This program goes for however long you wish to be a member. At this point in time, there are about 12 topics that will recycle each year. However, each re-visit to a topic will have new, updated information.

Will I receive any personalized support?

This is a group program, so personalized support is limited. I will respond to questions in the Facebook group, during office hours and, if time permits, at the end of each monthly workshop. If you desire or need more support, ad hoc mentoring sessions and/or email support packages are available at a discount for members of this program.