If someone buys but doesn’t consume … did you achieve your mission?

Inspire your customers to consume your content

Back in April, I shot a few videos for my blog … and then completely forgot about them! Here is one inspired by something actor Colin Cunningham (Falling Skies) once said..

If you are who I think you are, you have a mission that includes transforming people’s lives in some way. Therefore, I ask you this, “If someone buys your product, but then never consumes it … did you achieve your mission?”

If your mission is to transform lives, the answer has to be “no.”

That’s why it is so important to create products that entice and inspire your customers and clients to consume them. There are many ways you can do that:

  • Make the content available in different formats to accommodate different learning styles.
  • Build accountability into the product through coaching or a buddy system.
  • Use titles and descriptive text that is super compelling.

And, I’m sure there are more … those just came off the top of my head.

Now take a look at what you are currently offering. Will they inspire your buyers to consume the content and transform their lives?

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Carma Spence is an international best selling author and award-winning speaker who helps women, introverts and shy people vanquish Mind Goblins, unleash their content creation superpowers and communicate their message with confidence so that they can create meaningful and fulfilling legacies.

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