The CAP Podcast, Episode 9: Grace Killelea on the Crisis of Confidence

Grace Killelea on The C.A.P. Podcast

When you see an opportunity, do you stand in your power and claim what you want? Or do you modestly sit by and hope someone will notice you? Lord knows I’ve done that myself!

In this episode of The C.A.P. Podcast, I talk with Grace Killelea, founder and CEO of Half The Sky Leadership Institute, about this “crisis of confidence” and how it affects women in the workforce, as well as women entrepreneurs.

We talk about why women appear less confident, and therefore don’t get the leadership positions they are perfectly capable of filling. This has nothing to do with our competence. We women are ready to be leaders, we just aren’t raising our hands to claim leadership roles.

Grace advises women to “suit up, show up, speak up and start where you are,” which she defines in more detail in the podcast. We also touch on:

  • How the way you hold your body can change your mind and emotions
  • How the crisis of confidence affects all women, not just those in corporate jobs
  • How we influence the next generation of women

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