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E-zine FAQ: I have a small list. I dont need to test, right?

Wrong! Testing is always smart. Even with small lists, testing an A version against a B version can give you good information. “A/B testing works as a perfect canary in a coal mine,” Pat Peterson, VP-technology, IronPort Systems, told BtoB magazine, adding that you can test with even one or […]

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Leveraging Linked In – 5 Ways to Use Linked In To Grow Your Business Or Practice

get linked Editor’s Note: I was going to write this post myself, but in my research (which I do for every article) I found an article that pretty much said what I needed to say, as well as few things I hadn’t thought of. So, why re-invent the wheel, eh?

Guest Writer: Nancy Fox

In March [2008], Law Practice Magazine will be featuring my article on leveraging your online opportunities, as part of their regular “5 Things to Grow Your Business” series. Below, I drill down specifically on using Linked-In because it is a hot property and people are using it more and more. I don’t want my professional service readers left behind in cyber-dust.

1. Do a search for people in targeted fields, positions, i.e. key decision makers. Ask them to join your network. You may have to dig around for their email addresses. If nothing else, you will gain some additional information about these decision makers simply from their profiles. Ask them about their business, learn what’s happening in their companies, where they network, what publications or websites they read.

2. Develop a targeted group of contacts in your field and start connecting each other. Help others expand each of THEIR networks.

3. Invite people in your network to ask others in their networks to an on-line networking “event” or discussion group. Better yet, use this to invite them to a free teleclass or webinar that you lead. No need to be invited to speak somewhere. You can be your own speakers bureau.

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E-zine FAQ: Is It Really Worth It to Publish An E-zine?

Only you can answer that. If your business is already bursting at the seams with customers, you probably don’t need the increased business an e-zine will deliver. If however, if you’re interested in building stronger customer relations and would like to market effectively, at very little cost, e-zine publishing might […]

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E-zine FAQ: Where Do I Find Subscribers?

If you have an offline business, you should include your e-zine subscription address on anything that includes your website address: business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers, vehicle magnets — wherever you post your website address. If you’ve got a website to supplement your offline business, you should have an e-zine signup […]

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E-zine FAQ: Do I Really Need an E-zine?

E-zines (pronounced “ee-zeens”), short for electronic magazines or newsletters, are an inexpensive marketing tool that can grow your business. Imagine reaching hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of potential customers, worldwide, who want or need your specific product or service. These are pre-qualified prospects that “opt in” to receive […]

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E-zine FAQ: What “Valuable Information” Can I Provide?

Remember, you’re an expert at whatever it is your business does. You have knowledge that can help your subscribers — they’re looking to you for solutions. Provide them with tips and techniques for dealing with issues relevant to them, or provide product reviews and recommendations, or updates on industry trends […]

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