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The CAP Podcast, Episode 38: Remember Who You Are

Or Subscribe by Email   Like so many people, today’s guest gained wisdom through overcoming obstacles in her life. Bethanee Epifani is a motivational speaker, Toastmaster youth coordinator, poet, and youth mentor. She is the author of My Quarter-of-a-Century Life Lessons: Building a Foundation for Success, in which she shares the lessons she learned in […]

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The CAP Podcast, Episode 33: Stop Bullying Yourself!

Or Subscribe by Email   When most people think about bullying, they think about childhood, or bullying on the playground. However, bullying can be found in both corporate life and in your own business. If fact, I touched on this in my special report The 7 Warning Signs of a Bad Client. However, the most […]

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Angela Lauria on The CAP Podcast with Carma Spence

The CAP Podcast, Episode 30: Publishing to Make a Difference

Or Subscribe by Email   If you want to write a book that makes a difference in the world, then listen to today’s podcast with guest Dr. Angela Lauria of The Author Incubator. She has helped dozens of coaches write and publish their first books and shares some juicy tips with us in this episode. […]

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