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Marketing Funnels Are the Key to Your Info-Service Business

marketing funnel One thing that many coaches, speakers and other expertise-based business owners seem to have in common is a lack of understanding a basic concept of marketing: The Marketing Funnel.

The idea of a marketing funnel, sometimes called a product funnel, marketing pipeline or product pipeline, is this:

  • At the widest point of the funnel, the mouth, your business draws in prospects. This is where you have your attraction tools — your bait or lures that attract suspects and prospects into your business.
  • In the middle of the funnel, you have your mid-prices products and services.
  • At the end, the smallest point or spout, of the funnel, you have your highest-ticket products and services.

The idea is to get as many people to go through the funnel and come out the other end. The problem is … (more…)

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3 Types of Information Products You Can Sell Online

info products Welcome to September! This is the month that many of us are dealing with “back to school” tasks, so I thought it would be the perfect month to discuss information products and how you can use them in your business.

Information Marketing is not new — just the ease with which you can get into the business has become much more easy. Before, information booklets were sold via mail order, but now you can by-pass shipping expenses and offer them as downloadable products through the Internet.

There are basically three different kinds of information products you can create and sell over the Internet: the written word (e-books, special reports, etc.); the spoken word (online audio, CDs, etc.); and the enacted word (video). This is a good thing, because different people have different learning styles and, therefore, prefer a different method of receiving information.

Also, some information lends itself to being communicated via one method over another. In other words, sometimes it is more effective to show someone how to do something (video) than to tell them (audio). Sometimes information is easier to grasp if you can read it over again (written) rather than see it (video). You get the picture.

So, when you are deciding what type of information product you want to produce, you need to keep two things in mind:

  1. What method of delivery will best serve the information?
  2. What method of delivery will best serve your target audience?

The first question is usually easier to answer. And sometimes, if possible, providing the information in more than one format helps you take care of the second.

So, to help you with the first question, I’ve written up a little primer to the three main methods of information delivery:

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