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Video Blogging for Creative Professionals

video blogging for creative professionals Video blogging can be really helpful for creative professionals who have something visual to share. This includes painters, photographers, entertainers, foodies and more.

To help drive traffic to your websites and social media pages, post videos on YouTube, your blog and Facebook. Since I started doing that for a couple of my projects, I’ve notices a spike in my traffic and people are “Liking” me on facebook and signing up on my lists.

What can you create videos of? Here are a few ideas:

Record your process:
Take videos of you doing what you do. If you’re a painter, take some footage of you at various parts of creating a particular painting and then edit the footage together to show how you create a wonderful work of art from a blank canvas. You can even take photographs of the painting at various stages and edit them into a montage slide show.

Share tips:
Share some of your expert creative knowledge about what you do. If you are a painter, you can do a “how to” tip on a specific technique. If you’re a foodie, you can do a “how to” tip on a cooking method. If you’re an entertainer, you can share tips on how to develop skill like yours. Have fun with this!

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Creative Ideas for the Blogging Platform

creative blogging The nice thing about WordPress and so many other blogging platforms is you can use the technology to do so many things. Yes, you can use it as a way to publish simple content to the web … that’s what it was created for. But you don’t need to stop there. You can use it to a wide range of creative things. Here are some ideas for creative professionals that range from the mundane to the exotic.

Visual Art Portfolio
Dolores Delgado Fine Art When I designed my mother’s website, we had in mind that it would a showcase of her art. So, I used blog categories to create a selection of types of art she produced, such as Plein Air, landscapes, pastels, etc. Then each post becomes one item in her portfolio. This simple design created an easy to use and update gallery of her art.

This was ideal because she had no interest in blogging as a way to distribute text information. She simply wanted a good way to distribute images of her art work.

If you are a photographer, painter, sculptor or other visual artist and are looking for a simple way to display images of your work, this is a very good option. It also gives you a way to make your work more easily findable using search engine optimization. Having a gallery that doesn’t use flash makes it more search engine friendly and gives you more options for making your images and work easier to find in a search. It also will help your website load more quickly and be more user friendly.

And images of your work don’t have to be all photos … you can do the same thing with videos, as well.

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Online Marketing for Creative Professionals

online marketing As I mentioned in an earlier post, online marketing can work for your business regardless of what products or services you offer. However, you need to choose the right online marketing techniques for your business, personality, products and services. You also have to use them in a way that is appropriate for your audience. Let me go over a few of them and show you what I mean.

Article Marketing
Article marketing is writing short articles and posting them online to help drive traffic to your website. Posting articles to article directories, writing for services such as and blogging are all ways to do article marketing.

Article marketing works very well if you have information to share. That is, you want to be seen as an expert in a topic. For example, if you are a writer of historical romance, you could write article about the periods in history that your stories are set. If you are photographer who teaches photography, article marketing could help potential students find you. If you are an artist who not only sculpts, but lectures on the history of sculpting, article marketing can help support your expertise status in this topic. If you are a chef, and don’t mind sharing some of your recipes, you can post recipes to article directories, too!

However, if you only want to do your particular creative expression and not be known as an expert in this area information-wise, article marketing probably won’t be a good way for you to spend your marketing time.

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Creative Professionals: Improve Your Business Image

May is International Business Image Improvement Month. It is also the month I’m going to be devoting my blog posts to online marketing for creative professionals. And I think the two topics go together well, don’t you? Many creative professionals are so tied into the creative aspect of their business, […]

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