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List Building FAQ: What kinds of attraction tools are there?

There are as many attraction tools out there as there are prospects to attract. However, the most commonly used attraction tools are: Special reports, e-books and white papers These documents provide specific and focused information that the prospect would like to have. They are created to help prospects identify their need for your services, help […]

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faqs copywriting

Copywriting FAQ: What are some psychological motivators I can use in my copy?

The most powerful psychological motivator used in copywriting is the story. People are hard-wired to pay attention to stories, which is why they are so commonly used in copywriting. Stories draw us in and make us want to read more. Other good motivators include: The word “because” — it indicates a reason why, triggering the […]

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faq entrepreneur

Entrepreneur FAQ: What is the difference between an interest and a passion?

Now that’s a doosy of a question, for all passions are interests, but not all interests are passions. When you are interested in something, you hold a sense of curiosity about that something. But, a passion is something much more … it has a stronger push, pull and draw. A passion is something that drives […]

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Article Marketing FAQ: How do you decide what topic to write on?

Choose topics that relate to what you are marketing. For example, if you are marketing a dog training course, you would write articles about dog training. Even better, you would write articles that were related to the content in your training course. Let’s say you have chapters on training your dog to sit, training your […]

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E-zine FAQ: I have a small list. I dont need to test, right?

Wrong! Testing is always smart. Even with small lists, testing an A version against a B version can give you good information. “A/B testing works as a perfect canary in a coal mine,” Pat Peterson, VP-technology, IronPort Systems, told BtoB magazine, adding that you can test with even one or two dozen addresses and get […]

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Article Marketing FAQ: If I submit the same article to many article directories, won’t it violate a search engine’s policy against duplicate content?

The simple answer: No, it won’t. Since we’re dealing with high ranking websites, the search engines would assume that the submitted content is their original work. This is the reason why a lot of article directories are pretty confident about the articles they display. The problem that they encounter, really, is with regards to the […]

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