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Secrets of An Internet Millionaire – A Review of My Experience

Anthony Morrison About a month ago I got a direct mail piece in the mail box that promoted Anthony Morrison’s “Secrets of a Self-Made Internet Millionaire” presentation here in the Phoenix area. You could go to lunch or dinner sessions in either Scottsdale or Phoenix. It looked like the presentation would provide some decent information about affiliate marketing, something I’ve been trying to convince my husband to get into so he can support himself once I leave for Los Angeles.

Anyway, we went last night and I have to say I was very much disappointed, which is what is prompting me to blog about it. I’m sure some of you will get a similar pitch in your mail box and feel that you should make your decision to go based on real information, not the hype.

Here’s the scoop:

This is what was promised:

At my free lunch or dinner Conference, you’ll discover …

  • How you can generate income online, and never sell anything to anyone!
  • How and why technical experience doesn’t matter!
  • How we do all the hard work so you don’t have to.
  • How to use the power of social networking to reach thousands — maybe millions — of buyers at virtually no cost.
  • How to build a profitable online business with no inventory, no staff and no headaches.
  • How easy it is to run this system. And we’ll show you how you can do it from home, Paris, London, Rome, or Hawaii. You can run this from anywhere!

O.K. I knew going in that they were going to try to sell me something. But I’m used to pitch fests like this also providing real, useful content that you can take away even if you don’t buy.

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