Celebrate You! 2015 (Final) Day 31 Report

How Awesome Was That?

Wow! What an Awesome month I’ve had! How about you? Did you do yesterday’s review exercise? Here’s my re-cap:

  • I let my geek flag fly … and was loved for it. My boyfriend and I saw Antman, watch Kolchak and The Norliss Tapes and got ourselves characterized as Wonder Woman and Captain America!
  • I vacationed in Las Vegas and spent time with some wonderful new friends and, of course, my boyfriend. We even took our pictures with aliens on the way home!
  • I revitalized my food blog and have been having fun creating new recipes and sharing information about healthy eating.
  • I met some interesting people in a variety of places and have interviewed several of them for articles and podcasts.
  • I experienced some deeply moving moments with the Divine, further developing my spirituality.
  • I was honored for earning my Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM).
  • I was introduced to the wonderfully whimsical world of Hayao Miyazaki.
  • I had the best birthday ever! My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Disneyland and I finally got my picture with Tigger, something I’ve wanted for decades.

And there is one more wonderful thing that happened this month … but I’m not ready to make that announcement yet. But I’ll share soon!

And what did I learn from all this this year? I learned that it is not only acceptable to be totally and fully myself, but that it is imperative if I’m going to attract the right people and experiences into my life and live happily.

This Year’s Celebrate You! 31-Day Challenge Highlights
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How did you celebrate you yesterday? Did you do something fun? Did something special happen that made you go, “Wow”? Please share your celebrations in the Facebook group and/or in comment below. You are worth celebrating!

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