Choosing your business color palette

color paletteWhat colors best represent you brand? How do you choose them? There are many ways to do it and, in my opinion, how you choose them is less important than your consistent use of them over time and throughout your media.

I chose my current color palette with the help of a Feng Shui consultant. She told me I needed to use fire and earth colors. I had be using blues (water colors) because blue is my favorite color. But she said because I had a lot of water in my chart, those colors would actually dowse my success.

So, I switched to purples (fire colors) and greens (earth colors) and have seen improvements in my business. Could be coincidence, but what the hey?

my color paletteAnother color choice you’ll need to make is how many colors you will have in your master palette. Typical palettes include two, three or four colors. I use a three-color palette — two shades of purple and one shade of green.

When using more than two colors, be sure to use both warm (yellow undertones) and cool (blue undertones) colors. Too much of either throws off the balance and can subconsciously repel clients. I use a warm green to balance the cooler purples. And one of my purples edges toward the warm.

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