Co-Writing & Ghostwriting Services

Do you have an interesting life story to tell?

Perhaps you’ve done something interesting like overcome odds to climb a mountain. Perhaps you’ve experienced challenges and overcame them with life lessons you’d like to share. Perhaps you’ve lived an interesting life meeting colorful characters.

Would you like to bring your life’s journey to print?

Perhaps you’ve been told time and time again to put your life’s story in print. Perhaps you feel the call to become an author by sharing your unique journey in this world.

Do you want to share that story with future generations and create a lasting legacy?

Perhaps you have young children or grandchildren and want to leave them with something tangible to remember you by. Perhaps you want to share your family’s story with them.

Carma Spence specializes in helping interesting people bring their life stories to print. She can ghostwrite or co-write:

  • Family histories,
  • Individual Profiles,
  • Autobiographies and
  • Memoirs.

Carma can also coach you through the writing process, helping develop your books’ concept, organize the information and basically be the wind beneath your wings as you write your book and bring it to print.

But she doesn’t stop at just helping you write your story, she can help you develop and implement a marketing plan for that story so that your message can get out to all those who were meant to hear it. Strategic marketing plans can include:

  • Virtual Events
  • Public Relations
  • Platform building
  • Online Presence (web copy, social media, etc.)
  • and more!

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Set up an appointment to chat about your project and how she can help you make it a reality today!

Carma’s Writing Credentials

  • Master’s Degree in Journalism, University of Maryland College Park
  • Member, National Association of Science Writing, National Writers Union and Nonfiction Authors Association
  • Author of severeal books, including Public Speaking Super Powers, which won three awards and was a Kindle bestseller
  • Winner of three editorial awards