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Remember to change the “(at)” to an “@” and the “(dot) to a “.”. I try to read my email at least once a day and will get back to you as soon as I can.

Via Google Voice:
(424) 235-3743

Via Voice Mail or Fax:
(815) 642-4092

When you call this number your voice mail message will be recorded and sent to me via email. If its relevant and clever, I might even include in a podcast, so please state whether this s OK or not in your message. You can also send a fax to this number.

Via Snail Mail:
I currently work out of my home and do not wish to share that information with the world. I am working on getting a mail box and will update this page with that information once established.

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This is the best first step toward working with me. Valued at $199, it is my gift to you as part of my mission and commitment is to unleash the inner power every woman entrepreneur possesses so they can boldly go out into the world, transforming the fabric of people’s lives in meaningful and positive ways.

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