Copywriting FAQ: What are some psychological motivators I can use in my copy?

faqs copywritingThe most powerful psychological motivator used in copywriting is the story. People are hard-wired to pay attention to stories, which is why they are so commonly used in copywriting. Stories draw us in and make us want to read more. Other good motivators include:

  • The word “because” — it indicates a reason why, triggering the curiosity factor.
  • Specificity — having “101 ways” is more compelling than having “100 ways” due to this psychological trigger that builds credibility.
  • Social proof — “4 out of 5 dentists recommend” tells us that others approve. When others approve, it’s got to be good!
  • Reciprocity — give a free sample and many are compelled to give back something in return (a purchase, perhaps?)

There are others, but these are some of the most commonly used and powerful psychological triggers you can use in marketing your business.

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