Copywriting FAQ: What are the best types of headlines to use?

faqs copywriting Ah! Where do I start! In a course I took from Yanik Silver, he provided 40. Of course, I can’t go into that many here, so I’ll share what I feel are the top 5:

  • How To
    This type of headline indicates that the reader will learn how to accomplish something.
    “How to Win Friends and Influence People”
  • The Mini Story
    The headline suggests a story in sentence form.
    “How {Some Crazy Thing} Lead to {Your Desired Outcome}”
  • The Question
    Probably the most famous one now is “Got milk?” But, more commonly the headline questions asks if the reader has a specific problem for which the solution is being sold, such as
    “Do You Suffer from Halitosis?”
  • The Promise
    This type of headline promises the desired outcome or the marketer will “suffer” some type of penalty.
    “You’ll Double Your Income or I’ll Give You Your Money Back Plus $500 for Your Trouble!”
  • If/Then
    Usually, this type of headline states if you meet a certain criteria, then you can gain this benefit.
    “If You Can Tie Your Shoes, Then You Can Make Professional-Looking Gift Bows!”

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