Day 4: Staying true to my priorities


Yesterday, I celebrated myself by staying true to my priorities.

My boyfriend and I attended a timeshare presentation so we could get a free mini-vacation. I had no intention of buying a timeshare … I had one before and, although I plan to own one (or more) again, I just didn’t feel it was a good time to invest right now.

However, the deal they laid before me was oh so sweet. It gave me more value than any other time share program I’ve seen and boy, did I want to plop down the money to buy it.

But, I also have a few other things I need to invest in to grow and nurture my business. Using the money to buy a time share would have taken the money away from that. And so, I stood in my power, resisted the temptation and walked away with my two mini-vacations: a trip for two to Catalina Island, including two nights accommodations, and a two-night, two show ticket stay in Las Vegas. I’ve always wanted to see a show there, but never did. Now’s my chance.

Oh … that makes two trips to Catalina this year, since I’m going for the day on my Birthday, just like I did last year.

What did you do to celebrate you yesterday?

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