Day 7 of Celebrate You!

Celebrate You! Daily Quote:

The kind of potentials in you will determine the type of success you will celebrate

“The kind of soil in your area determines the type of crop
you will plan to harvest. The kind of potentials in you will determine
the type of success you will celebrate.”
~ Israelmore Ayivar

Yesterday, Day 6 of the 31-Day Celebrate You! Challenge, I celebrated asking for advice.

Yesterday, I ended up meeting with three of my advisers for guidance in different areas of my life and business. Having these individuals there to help me recognize blind spots, keep me on track and pull out of me my brilliance is invaluable. I’m so blessed to have found these people and to be able to call them friends.

Successful people have mentors, coaches and advisers in their life. These are the people we count on to help us stay on track. Some of these people are our friends or family members, others are people we hire for this purpose. Either way, having an “advisory panel” of people you can count on to hold a vision of your best self for you, to give sage advice, and to lead you through the lens of their own experience is one of the best investments of time and money you can make for your life and business.

How did you celebrate you yesterday?

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