Do you enjoy your environment?

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Weekday Wisdom, Episode 46

Do you enjoy yourself in seasonally appropriate ways? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s Weekday Wisdom.

Do you enjoy your environment?

In episode 40, I gave you a quiz which helped you evaluate how you’re balancing your life and nurturing your happiness. And then I promised to go into each of those true-false questions a little more deeply. Today I’m going to question number 6, which is:

“I experience the gifts of each season:
Ice skating, sledding, bundled up beach walks;
gardening, hiking, more time outside;
camping, swimming, barbecues;
harvesting the bounty, gathering wood, spending more time inside.
True or false?”

Depending on where you live, “seasonally appropriate” means different things. For example, I live in Southern California. Well, most of the time the weather is nice. And so, going for nice long walks outside is really appropriate. Now I’ve been challenged around this because walking is currently really challenging for me. But my husband and I do take nice little drives around and enjoy the beautiful sun.

chilly winter On the other hand, for the holidays, we often go to see his family in Minnesota. It’s a little bit nippy in the winder in Minnesota. Just a little bit. Last Christmas it was snowing and was about 10 degrees below. And my husband and I had the flu. It was not fun. But snow does offer it’s fun.

So where you live, are you taking advantage of the environment that you are privy to? And that you enjoy? I mean, I’m not really much of a snow person. I’ve lived in snow. Eh. Snow’s something you visit. You go “Hi snow!” And then you go back home. But it’s fun to go make a snow angel once in a while.

I also really enjoy going to the beach here in Southern California where the beaches are warm. I like taking off my shoes and sticking my toes in the sand. And when I lived in Northern California, I loved walking through the parks with all the trees. And you could smell — what I call “smells like camping” — because I just love that evergreen smell.

In order to be a happy, fully nurtured, and balanced person, you need to be able to balance indoor time with outdoor time. Being outdoors — at least when there’s not a lot of pollution — is good for you. The good, clean, fresh air, the negative ions from waterfalls and plant life. It’s all part of what we need as human beings. And if you’re indoors too much, especially if you keep all the windows closed, it gets stuffy and you get dust and mites and all sorts of things. You need to mix it up.

So, get out there enjoy your local environment in appropriate ways! If it’s cold, bundle up. If it’s not, wear your flip-flops.

Don’t box yourself in.
Spread your wings and fly.
Because you — yes you — are capable of more than you know.

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