Ideas to Income Interview: Ethan Siegel, Part 1

Weekday Wisdom Episode 74

New Segment! Ideas to Income Interviews

Ethan Siegel, Astrophyscist, Science Writer and Author

Helping you turn your ideas, passions, and hobbies — whatever you geek about — into a source of income is a passion of mine. Therefore, I am launching a new segment of the Weekday Wisdom today in which I interview people who are living that dream. They are turning what they love into part-time and full-time incomes.

Ethan Siegel on the Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence - Ideas to Income Interview

My first guest is Ethan Siegel, a working astrophysicist who has turned into his love of Star Trek and Star Wars into a source of income. His blog, Starts With A Bang, was voted the #1 science blog on the internet by the Institute of Physics, and, separately, by Real Clear Science. His first book was Beyond The Galaxy, and his second, Treknology, which I will be reviewing for my The Genre Traveler blog, about the real-life science behind the technologies envisioned by Star Trek, came out in October.

We spoke for about an hour — he’s that passionate about what he does. So that it is easier and more convenient for you to watch, and so I keep with my 10 minutes or less rule for the Weeday Wisdom, I’ve broken our conversation up into shorter segments. In today’s episode, we establish Dr. Siegel’s passion for his topic and talk about how he got interested in Star Trek. It is a fun chat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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