Ideas to Income Interview: Ethan Siegel, Part 2

Weekday Wisdom Episode 75

Ideas to Income Interviews

Ethan Siegel, Astrophyscist, Science Writer and Author

In yesterday’s video, I introduced you to Dr. Ethan Siegel, an astrophysicist and science fiction fan who is bringing his passions together and turning them into a source of income. Yesterday we talked mostly about his love of Star Trek. Today, we talk about how he fell in love with science. And then move into how he’s bringing these two passions together in his book, Treknology.

Ethan Siegel on the Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence Part 2

What today’s video illustrates is how you can take your interests, toss in a little creativity and curiosity, and develop a product — in this case a book — that will generate a source of income for you. It doesn’t have to big, complicated or fancy. In fact, I believe that a book is an excellent entry product because it can be relatively simple to pull together (notice I didn’t say easy or quick?), and can be expanded into other types of related products and services from there.

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