Dealing with Expectations Head On – Guest Ben Winter [The Author’s Switch podcast]

You wake up in the morning … late. Your alarm didn’t go off. Why? The power went off. Urg.

You shuffle into the bathroom and find the hand towel on the floor, rather than on the towel bar. Your teenage son didn’t clean up after himself. Urg.

You get to the kitchen, pour yourself some cereal, and sit down with your tablet to catch up with Facebook posts while you eat. Bam! You miss your mouth with the spoon and spill cold milk down your brand new blouse. ARG!!!

What are you to do? Today’s guest, Ben Winter, would say that your expectations — to have the power stay on, to have your son put the towels back where they belong, to know how to use a spoon — were not met and you’re upset. And, he has a system for dealing with those unmet expectations head on.

Ben Winter, Dealing with Expectations Head On

Runtime: 20 minutes, 58 seconds

Show Notes for Episode 22: Dealing with Expectations Head On – Guest Ben Winter

Ben Winter is an author, speaker, actor, improvist, entrepreneur, traveler, father, and much, much more. He loves to explore, physical places around the world, as well as the mind. He wrote What to Expect When Having Expectations when he realized that the only reason anyone gets upset is because of an expectation that has gone unmet. Needless to say, this book is about expectations, where they come from, why you have them, and what to do about them when you find yourself getting upset.

In today’s world, being upset less often is so crucial to our mental and physical health. “I have found great peace and joy when I follow my own advice,” says Ben.

You can find Ben Winter here:

Video Version of Episode 22: Dealing with Expectations Head On – Guest Ben Winter

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