E-zine FAQ: Do I Really Need an E-zine?

faqs ezineE-zines (pronounced “ee-zeens”), short for electronic magazines or newsletters, are an inexpensive marketing tool that can grow your business. Imagine reaching hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of potential customers, worldwide, who want or need your specific product or service. These are pre-qualified prospects that “opt in” to receive your e-zine because it provides valuable information just for them. Specific advantages of e-zines include the following:

  • They can reach a global market. Unlike a snail mail campaign that goes to everybody in one geographic region (which means it’s not targeting your niche market) e-zines are available to anyone on the planet (with a computer and Internet access, of course) looking for your specific expertise.
  • They can target your niche. Because your subscribers must “opt in” (meaning they agree to receive your e-zine), they’ve pre-qualified themselves as potential customers because they want to know more about what you have to offer.
  • They help you build credibility. Your subscribers grow to trust your knowledge and gain confidence in your ability to provide them with the solutions they seek, making you an expert in their eyes.
  • They establish a relationship with your customers. When you consistently provide valuable information in your e-zine, you create a bond with your customers, which warms them to the prospect of doing business with you rather than your competitors.
  • They help promote your product or service. Subscribers to e-zines know that nobody gets something for nothing, so in exchange for your valuable information, they accept the fact that your e-zine promotes your business. And because they’ve pre-qualified themselves as prospects and they see you as an expert, they’re more receptive to your “call to action” (asking them to buy).

Alexandria Brown (Ali), once known as the “E-zine Queen,” first built her entire business around publishing e-zines. According to Ali and other e-zine experts, publishing an e-zine is the #1 method for online marketing for small businesses.

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