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I’m going through all the complementary information I have available and am making updates. As the new versions become available, I’ll list them here.


On Saturdays, at 9 a.m. PT, I hold a mini-workshop via Facebook Live at I would love for you to join me live, but here are links to some past workshops.

Tips for Developing Your Daily Optimism (Edited FB Live)
Tips for Developing Your Daily Optimism (Edited FB Live)
This was the original test run Facebook Live held in December 2019. I edited it down and posted to the blog.
Random Acts of Self Kindness
Random Acts of Self-Kindness (Edited FB Live)
Have you heard of “random acts of kindness”? Have you ever thought of showing your future self some of that kindness? In this mini-seminar, originall held on Jan. 18, 2020, I share 18 ways to be kind to yourself.


Authorneering 101 checklist
Authorneering 101 Checklist

Are you ready to begin your Legacy Creation Hero’s Quest and become an Authorneer?

This checklist lays out the steps you need to take to design and build your author platform, working artfully to bring out your inner author, and engineer your own authorpreneurship.

Download your copy today!

The 8 Facets of Life Planner
The 8 Facets of Life Planner

There are eight facets to a fulfilled life. This planner was created to help you determine where you are in each facet right now, then dream about and plan for your next step in each facet.

Get your copy here!

Daily Gratitude Worksheet
Daily Gratitude Worksheet
Grateful people are happier people. A daily gratitude practice can help you foster thankfulness in your life and improve your mood. Download this Daily Gratitude Worksheet, print it out and complete it each day.

The prompts on this 2-page worksheet will help you identify the things that are going right in your life. And, the more consistent you are with the practice, the more you will notice that you have things for which to be grateful.

Download your copy today!


Audio Programs:

Video Programs:

  • Sell More Books: The five key steps to building an audience who buys your books and anything else you have to offer
    Gain access to the video of my 20-minute version of this presentation, along with PDF slides and handout.