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Would you like a taste of what Carma has to offer? Check out these complimentary resources that you can download today and start using by tomorrow!

I’m going through all the complimentary information I have available and am making updates. As the new versions become available, I’ll list them here.

Monthly Webinars:
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small-cover Starving Artist No More:
5 Big Blunders Even Smart Authors Make that Sabotage Their Success and Keep Them in the “Starving Artist” Zone

  • Learn the type of mindset you need for success as an author
  • Discover why having only a book will sabotage your success
  • Uncover wether your marketing is effective or not
  • Evaluate wether or not you are valuing your work appropriately
  • Identify the key person you need to have on your team for success

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Money Loves Attention Cover (small) Money Loves Attention:
3 Actions You Can Start Taking Today that Will Welcome Money Into Your Life

  • Learn about the energy of money and why treating it with love and respect can positively affect your bottom line
  • Discover three ways you can give money the attention it craves so that it will become more abundant in your life
  • Identify ways that you have been pushing money away … without realizing it!

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book2 The 7 Warning Signs of a Bad Client

  • Learn to recognize a bad client when you see one.
  • Discover ways to stand in your power and effectively handle bad client behavior.
  • Identify clients that are good and worth salvaging after a bad experience.

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And much more…

Audio Programs:

Money Loves Attention:
Money Call, Diedra Miller Simple ways you can change your energy around money to attract more of it to you
On June 27, 2014, I was the guest speaker on Magic Wing Administration’s audio series, Ask the Experts. Founder Deidra Miller interviewed me about the energy of money. Much of what I talked about is covered in the Money Loves Attention complimentary report, but I also covered additional information. You can listen to the audio here or on her website.

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Video Programs:

  • Sell More Books: The five key steps to building an audience who buys your books and anything else you have to offer
    Gain access to the video of my 20-minute version of this presentation, along with PDF slides and handout.