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If you’ve ever felt tied to your family’s past and wanted to break free to live life on your own terms, you’ll want to listen to today’s episode featuring Gail Weiss Gaspar, author of Carrying my Father’s Torch.

Gail Weiss Gaspar, Author on The Author's Switch Podcast

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About Gail Weiss Gaspar

Finding your place in a family tree that has only one branch, the other shorn by the Holocaust, is a tricky business. Gail Weiss Gaspar grew up believing that her worth was tied to busyness and productivity, with achievement and education prized above all other accomplishments. Keenly aware that her beloved father survived Auschwitz and the brutal environment of the Mauthausen labor camp, she silenced her suffering because nothing could match what he endured.

Gail’s family had secrets, as all families do. It became her job to be the family’s secret keeper. It wasn’t until her 63-year-old father stood on stage at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and told his story that Gail understood that her voice mattered, too. This moving memoir honors the past while unshackling from it and highlights a generational journey through loss with tenderness and love.

If you have ever said to yourself, “How could I possibly break free from my family’s past?” this book is for you. When you read Carrying my Father’s Torch, you will be inspired to consider how your family legacy has impacted your life, find the courage to overcome your legacy wound, and become the hero of your own story.

Highlights from Episode 4: An Interview with Gail Weiss Gaspar

In this episode, Gail Weiss Gaspar shares her author’s journey and how she came to terms with her family history.

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