Get More Readers for Your Blog by Using Statistics

The number one rule of driving traffic to your blog and get more readers is to write posts that people want to read. But how do you know you’re accomplishing this goal?

You monitor your stats!

Get More Readers for Your Blog by Using a Statistics

The statistics you want to pay particular attention to include:

  • Which posts get more readers?
  • Which days of the week get more readers?

With the information you learn from tracking these two stats, you can optimize your blog more powerfully than by any other means. Here’s how:

What attracts most readers to your blog?

Take a look at which posts get more readers. Do you see any trends in which kinds of posts get more traffic than others? Are there topics that are hotter than others? Maybe it is the style in which you wrote those posts. Dig in and find out what it is about those posts that attract more readers, then repeat often. If need be, experiment by publishing new posts in the same topic and style and discover which metric is attracting your readers.

Increase the popularity of popular posts with link clusters.

According to, a link cluster “is a group of links that you can point at a post or page to improve its search engine ranking.” When you know which posts are more popular, you can increase their search engine ranking and popularity by linking to them from other posts on your blog. Choose popular posts that use keywords and keyword phrases you’re trying to rank high in and this technique could be golden for your blog’s traffic.

Maximize your highest readership day or days.

Take a look at the traffic your blog gets throughout the week. If there is a day or two that get spikes of traffic, those are the days you should be publishing your best posts. This will increase the chances that your post will be shared and therefore increase traffic even more. If you are only posting once or twice a week, this strategy can make a big difference.

Watch for traffic spikes and capitalize on them to get more readers.

When you get a particularly high traffic period, follow it up with a series of high-quality posts that show off your expertise. This will encourage visitors to come back, stick around, comment and share your posts. For best results, act on your traffic spike within 48 hours.

How do you track your blog stats? Well, you can use Google Analytics. Also, if you have a WordPress blog, there are several plugins that can monitor stats for you as well.

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