Healthy Boundaries

healthy boundaries

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When you Own Your Awesome, you respect yourself and maintain healthy boundaries. These boundaries define who we are, as well as the line between where we end and others begin. Healthy boundaries help us maintain healthy relationships, with friends, family, romantic partners … even clients and business associates.

People with healthy boundaries are confident in who they are and are comfortable allowing others to be different, expressing their own uniqueness. Healthy boundaries also give us freedom: to be ourselves and to be intimate with others.

Because healthy boundaries empower us, they also give order to our lives and play a key role in strength of character, maturity and self-discipline.

Healthy boundaries protect us from manipulation, while also freeing us from building defensive walls.

When your boundaries are healthy — meaning they are strong when they need to be and flexible when you consciously choose them to be — your “yes” truly means yes and your “no” truly means no.

To unveil whether your boundaries are healthy or not, download and take the quiz below.

Download the “Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?” Quiz

I hope your boundaries are healthy, but if they aren’t … you can strengthen them and future Own Your Awesome Friday content will include ways to do that.

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