Exclusive, Private V.I.P. Days

Do you want results fast?

A V.I.P. Day Is Like 3-6 Months of Coaching
in JUST One-Two Days!

When you are ready to invest in faster results, you are ready to schedule a private, exclusive V.I.P. day. These are like mini retreats focused solely on you and your goals. You’ll have my undivided attention focused on your business or project so that you get things done quickly.

I offer several themed intensive V.I.P. days that will help you get your project done (or at least heading in the right direction to get done) in one or two days. These V.I.P. days are delivered over the phone or Skype, so you can get my focused attention without leaving your home.

These are not group sessions. It will be just you and me talking on the phone or Skype for up to five sessions throughout the day. In between, we’ll communicate via email — or if you wish, Yahoo! Messenger.

Because these are very tightly focused on you and your goals, I can only schedule four of them per month. Please contact me to schedule your V.I.P. day.

Would you like your V.I.P. day to be live and in person? Contact me for availability and pricing.