Sell More Books

Would you like to sell more books?

Would you like to nurture a fan base who not only buys your books, but pretty much anything else you have to offer?

Would you like to build a solid business around your expertise?

Then you need to be following the five-step process I cover in my free 20-minute “Sell More Books” video, which you can find at

Carma Spence at Apostrophe Book Signing Event

Carma Spence at Apostrophe Books in Long Beach, Calif.

But you don’t need to do this on your own. I can help.

  • I can coach you through the process of identifying your ideal readers and drafting an Ideal Reader Profile.
  • I can help you develop a strategic plan for increasing your visibility to your ideal readers, a plan that works best for your audience, your skill set and your current and projected resources. I can even help you implement many of the key components of that strategic plan.
  • I can help you discover the value of your book and work with you in drafting the copy that communicates that value to your ideal readers.
  • I can help you develop marketing funnels using your content so that you can deliver your expertise in a wide variety of formats, reaching more people with your message.
  • And, I can help you grow the connection between you and your ideal readers so they keep coming back for more.

Additionally, if your book is still in your head, I can help you move through the process of writing, editing and publishing your book, including choosing the right publishing option for you and your goals.

When you hire me to coach you to Sell More Books, you may wish to add on web and graphic design services to your coaching package so you can implement your strategic plan more effectively. This can include:

  • An evaluation and update of your current website or a new website
  • Targeted landing pages for special events
  • Images for your social media presence such as profile image, Facebook banner and Twitter background
  • Virtual packaging for your opt-in bonus and products
  • Book cover and interior design

and more.

To learn more about my Sell More Books Coaching Programs, schedule a “Curious Conversation with Carma” and let me know you are interested in my “Sell More Books” services.

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This is the best first step toward working with me. Valued at $199, it is my gift to you as part of my mission and commitment is to unleash the inner power every woman entrepreneur possesses so they can boldly go out into the world, transforming the fabric of people’s lives in meaningful and positive ways.