How to Grow Your Audience with a Podcast [The Author Switch Podcast]

Are you looking for a way to grow your unique audience? Today’s guest on The Author’s Switch, Franciska Kosman shares her advice on how to use a podcast to grow your author platform.

How to Grow Your Audience with a Podcast with Guest Franciska Kosman on The Author's Switch, Episode 8

Runtime: 20 minutes, 28 seconds

Show Notes for Episode 8: Guest Franciska Kosman Talks About How to Grow Your Audience with a Podcast

If you want to sell more books, you need to have a strong author platform. A major component of an author platform is not only an audience but clear evidence that you have a regular way to connect and communicate with them. Email marketing is the most common method recommended, but it is not the only game in town. Podcasting is rapidly becoming a contender in the audience growth and nurturing category. In this episode of The Author’s Switch, I chat with a strong proponent of this medium.

Franciska Kosman is a singer, composer, podcaster, music producer, and podcasting coach. As CEO and founder of her full-service podcast producing agency, Kay Productions, she is the leading expert on helping successful entrepreneurs create a legacy using their voice. Kay Productions offers a unique combination of services, from content creation to editing, producing, marketing, and –- most importantly –- expertise on how to make an impact with a message worth sharing.

Franciska used her podcast to create an audience that didn’t exist as a religious singer, as well as to conduct research, bust myths, and support other women singers. In this episode, she discusses podcasting’s unique lead-building capabilities, characteristics that are not available through other media.

Highlights from the Episode

  • How do you decide what to talk about on your podcast?
  • How do you grow your podcast’s audience
  • Different types of content you can include in a podcast

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