Inquire Within

Inquire within

One of the books I’m working on right now is called Celebrate You! Own Your Awesome in Business and Life. The first letter of each chapter in the table of contents spells out “I Am Awesome.” The first chapter is “Inquire Within.” In the following 7-minute speech, I share some of the content that I’ll be using to develop that chapter.

The first step in any journey of self-improvement is knowing thyself. If you don’t understand where you are coming from — your motivations, your drives, your passions and your life lessons — you can’t possibly create a viable route to where you want to go.

In this video, I shared three of the ways you can get to know yourself better:

  1. Conversations with God Journaling
  2. Excavating the themes and threads of your life
  3. Asking others

The book will cover these things a little more deeply, as well as sharing a fourth way. If you’d like to receive updates about the book as they become available, from future blog posts to milestones met along the journey, please complete the form below.

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Are you hiding behind your fear?

Do you feel empowered with money?
If not, attend this webinar to learn the

The Four Pillars of Money Empowerment

In this webinar, I will share vital information for feeling — and being — empowered around money. I’ll talk about:

  • What is Money Empowerment?
  • Empowering your boundaries
  • Empowering your actions
  • Empowering your voice
  • Empowering your integrity

I’ll give examples in each area of how you might be if you are disempowered, as well as if you are empowered. And then, I’ll give you some tips on how you can start your journey from disempowered to empowered in each area.

Then I’ll open the floor to answer your questions — live during the webinar.

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