List Building FAQ: What kinds of attraction tools are there?

faq list building There are as many attraction tools out there as there are prospects to attract. However, the most commonly used attraction tools are:

Special reports, e-books and white papers
These documents provide specific and focused information that the prospect would like to have. They are created to help prospects identify their need for your services, help them solve some of their issues, but leave them wanting more.

Audio Recordings
This type of attraction tool not only provides information that the prospect desires, but also helps them get to know you a little better.

Using quizzes as attraction tools is a growing trend. Usually, the quiz helps the prospect identify a need, learn more about how they relate to that need, and discover how you hold the solution to that need.

Basically, attractions tools are devices used to draw prospects into your marketing funnel and help them get started on the journey to knowing you better, liking you and developing trust that leads to sales.

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