Love your mind

Love your mind

Photo: © Mike Price (heart), Renata Osinska (roses), Mahesh Patil (lips), Marem (brain) | PhotoXpress; Design: Carma Spence

Love your mind and your mind will love you back.

Did you know that today is “Madly In Love with Me Day?” How awesome is that? Well, one of the key things that makes me me and you you is our minds. Therefore, today I’m going to talk about loving your mind.

What is the mind? And how do you love it? The question of the mind has been contemplated for centuries, with different philosophers from Aristotle to Kant and beyond weighing in with their opinions. But in the context of this article, I’m defining the mind as your brain and resulting experiences that are generated from that magnificent organ.

To love your mind (and your brain) you do the same things you would do for anything else you love: You provide it with the support it needs to be the best it can be. You are gentle and understanding of its foibles. And you embrace it as a part of the whole that makes you you. Here are some ways that you can love your mind:

  • Feed it healthy food. When you are unhealthy, your mind doesn’t work as well. Therefore, eat a healthy diet to support mind health.
  • Feed it healthy thoughts. Focus on positive viewpoints. Work to alleviate fear, hate and other disempowering thought patterns.
  • Exercise your mind. Your brain needs exercise, too. Take time to challenge your mind with games, puzzles, thought-provoking articles and books, and more.
  • Be grateful for how your mind supports you. Your heart beats because your mind is working on that in the background. Be thankful. You mind helps you understand these words. Be grateful.

You are who you are because your mind is what it is, and that is a glorious thing worthy of love.

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