Magical Fear Release Meditation

Does fear or doubt
hold you back from achieving what you want?

It doesn’t matter how large or small your desires, the Mind Goblins of fear and doubt like to hop in and stop you in your tracks. And, sometimes, all the journaling, counseling, talking with friends — or the mirror — won’t vanquish them.

But you don’t need to give in to the wiles of the Mind Goblins.

No! You have an arsenal of tools you can use to vanquish them and banish the obstacles of fear and doubt from your path. One of those tools is meditation.

In this simple 5-minute guided meditation, I walk you through a visualization where you are a powerful sorceress capable of transforming any fear or doubt you wish and let it go forever. It was designed specifically to help women unleash their inner power to transform and release fear and doubt.

Once you’ve downloaded this MP3 recording to your computer, your smartphone and/or your MP3 player, you can go through this process as often as you want or need, releasing blocks lovingly so that they won’t plague you again.

Add this tool to your fear-busting, doubt-releasing tool belt today!

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Magical Fear Release Meditation