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bookOne thing you have to realize, says Book Coach Lee Pound, is that the first draft of your book will be horrible. So get over it and write it anyway. That’s why there are professional editors and proofreaders in the world … to help you transform that terrible first attempt into something worth reading.

Now, of course, there are ways to make that first draft less horrible. Here are some tips I gleaned from Lee’s presentation at Market Your Way to Wealth 2009.

A Simple Four-step Process

  • Choose your topic – what are you going to write about?
  • Narrow your topic – focus in on what aspect of that topic your book will cover.
  • Outline your book – create a roadmap for your final book so you won’t get lost along the journey.
  • Write your book – put your cheeks in the seat and let your fingers fly!

What is writer’s block?
Lee says that writer’s block is not knowing your characters well enough or not knowing where you are going. So, if you followed the process outlined above, you’ve gotten rid of at least one cause of writer’s block. The other will take research and/or contemplation. Take the time to get to know the characters in your story and they will help you write.

Get more clients
There is a simple formula for getting more clients:

Writing + Speaking = Clients

When you have a book, it is easier to get speaking gigs because you’re seen as an expert. Also, when you speak, having a book gives you something you can sell at the back of the room or give away as a gift to keep you top of mind.

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