Owning your core values

Photo (c) mearicon | PhotoXpress.com; Design: Carma Spence

Photo © mearicon | PhotoXpress.com; Design: Carma Spence

When you live your life consistent with your own values, you will benefit from higher self-esteem, greater integrity and stronger magnetism to positive people, opportunities and experiences. In order to do that you need to:

  1. Know what your values are, what you stand for
  2. Have the courage to stand for your values regardless of what comes your way
  3. Understand the ripple effect of your values

Quickly, let me help you move toward these three steps.

1. Know your values.

These are your principles or standards of behavior, those things that you judge are important in life. What do you find truly important? What are your non-negotialbles? For example, one of my top values is creativity. If creativity doesn’t play a part in something I’m considering, I don’t consider it.

2. Stand for your values no matter what

It takes courage to live fully consistent with your values. This means that you never compromise your values. If you value honesty, you don’t lie … nor do you tolerate liars in your life. If you value creativity, you don’t settle for cookie-cutter, overly templated stuff in your life. When you compromise your values, you will suffer. Your self-esteem drops. You become unhappy. You repel those people, opportunities and experience that are in your best interests.

3. Understand the ripple effect of your values

What I mean by this is what does standing for a certain value implicate? For example, if you value integrity, how does that impact your actions, your words, your be-ing in the world? What are you going to have to say “yes” to and what are you going to have to say “no” to because that is your value? When you decide on a value, it will more than likely have implications you won’t know about upon first inspection. So dig deeper, explore the ramifications of your value.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, these steps are simple … but they aren’t easy. They are, however, extremely worthwhile and critical to your living an amazing and fulfilling life.

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