Private Book Coaching

Attention: Coaches, Speakers, and Experts who want to build a business around a nonfiction book

Would You Like to Create a Book
that Will Build Your Expertise and Business?

Is this true for you?

I know there is a book inside me, but I haven’t been able to get it out. I procrastinate. I find other things to do with my time. I avoid getting my ideas out of my head and onto paper.

I’m the “best-kept secret” in my niche. I have the expertise, but no one seems to notice or care.

I want to help people with my knowledge and my message but haven’t figured out an effective way to do that.

I want to create a meaningful legacy but have no idea how to do that.

frustrated writer

If you answered yes, then you probably have one or more books inside you that are clamoring to get out. Writing a book is the easiest way to create a legacy. It can also be the foundation of a successful business as a coach or speaker. And, of course, it can give you a sense of authority and confidence.

If you’ve been putting off writing your first book—or even your next book—please read on.

happy woman owning her awesome

Imagine what it would be like if…

You are a published author, possibly even an award-winning, bestselling author.

People know who you are and seek out your expertise.

Your book is selling, you are getting speaking engagements and your coaching practice is full of happy clients.

You are building a solid legacy with tangible assets that will live on past you.

How do I know this can be true for you?

Carma learning to writeBecause I’ve been where you are. The writing bug bit me at the tender age of four, however I didn’t become a published author until I was in my 40s. I let life get in my way and I had to battle the Mind Goblins of self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome.

But I eventually figured it out and published my first book in 2007. At the time, it cost $99 to publish it through Lulu. My sales recouped the cost in less than a year–without marketing. Since then, I’ve published four more books, honing both my authoring and book marketing skills along the way.

My latest book, Public Speaking Super Powers, became a Kindle bestseller and has earned three awards. In addition to these solo projects, I’ve also contributed to several anthologies, several of which became international bestsellers.

I know how to get a book written, published and out into the world. And I can help you do that, too.

Therefore, if you …

  • Are knowledgeable about a specific topic. It can be a hobby. It can be what you do in your business. You don’t need to be the expert on this topic, but you do need to have expertise in the topic.
  • Are ready to do the work of creating a worthwhile book. You will show up for coaching sessions. You will do the assignments and make progress on your book.
  • Want to create a book that will help people. In order to have value, and in order to have the best chance of becoming a bestseller, your book needs to help people solve a problem. It need not be a big problem, it just needs to be a problem people want to solve.

Then I invite you to take the next step on your Authorneerng journey and set up a Curious Conversation with me.

Yes! I want to create a book
that will build my expertise and business!

Need more information before talking with me?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What topics are covered in this private book coaching?

It depends on you and what your needs are. Some people are further along the publishing journey than others. However, topics we may cover — if you need them — include:

  • How to set yourself up for success at the beginning
    • Content organization
    • Platform building
    • Planning for beyond the book
  • How to start and finish writing your book
    • Developing good writing habits
    • Overcoming “writer’s block”
  • How to market your book
    • Book marketing strategies and how to choose and prioritize them
    • Launching your book with the support of a team
    • Creating and implementing a book marketing plan
  • How to publish your book
    • Different formats and the pros and cons of each one
    • Different publishing options and how to choose the best one for you
    • Finding and hiring the right professionals for creating the best book possible

Will this coaching work for a book in my genre?

As long as your book is nonfiction and you intend to build a business around it, this coaching program will work for your book. This coaching is not intended for fiction books and may include more information than you need for a book that you are just writing to get it out of your head. This coaching is intended for authors who are intentional about using their book to build or grow a business.

Will this coaching work if I intend to only publish in ebook format?

Yes. However, if your book is good enough to sell as an ebook, why not make it available as a physical book for those members of your audience who won’t read ebooks?

Will you review my work to make sure it is on track and good enough to publish?

I will personally evaluate your book proposal — a necessary document that will guide your writing and marketing process, one completed chapter, and your marketing plan. I believe it is essential to get feedback on these three documents early on — before you’ve put too much work into your book — so that your final product is of high quality and will help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your book.

Ready to talk now?

Yes! I want to create a book
that will build my expertise and business!