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Short Bio

An award-winning editor with more than 20 years experience in marketing, public relations and science communication, Carma Spence is fiercely committed to guiding women entrepreneurs to achieve confidence, clarity and self-awareness so they can have the creative, authentic and profitable business they dream of and live the life they deserve. She is a proven professional who guides her clients to address the self-doubt, self-sabotage and second-guessing that keeps them stuck.

She uses her experience in marketing and PR, as well as natural intuitive skills and certification in using some of the most effective transformational coaching tools available, to support her mission and commitment to unleash the inner power every woman entrepreneur possesses so they can boldly go out into the world, transforming the fabric of people’s lives in meaningful and positive ways.

She holds a master’s degree in Journalism from what U.S. News & World Report called the number one public relations program in the nation. With the increasing importance of the Internet in marketing communications, Carma has developed an expertise in online presence and strategy. Her book, Home Sweet Home Page, has received positive reviews and she now helps clients hone in on their core message and brand, develop their product lines and market themselves throughout the Web.

Her latest book is 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online (from Logical Logical Expressions Publishing).

Introduction for Carma

Our next speaker, Carma Spence, is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in marketing, public relations and science communication. She is a certified life coach and an expert in online presence and strategy. She has authored two books on the topic of online marketing: Home Sweet Home Page: The Five Deadly Mistakes Authors, Speakers and Coaches Make with Their Website’s Home Page and How to Fix Them! and 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online. She is currently working on two more books: Public Speaking Super Powers and Celebrate You! Own Your Awesome in Business and Life.

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Event Information Sheet

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